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Zoot Sports22965
Zoot Sports22965

Congratulations Team Zoot!

It’s an overwhelming moment when you cross the finish line. All the early mornings, aches, pains and other sacrifices are forgotten for a moment and replaced with pure elation when running down that finishing chute. This feeling is only amplified by qualifying for a World Championship and being able to compete against the best athletes in the world.

Congratulations from Zoot on this spectacular achievement! We’ve created special St. George 2021 World Championship team kits available for purchase to wear during your championship race. This kit is only available to Zooters who’ve qualified and are racing at this event.

This is the same short-sleeved full-zip race pattern you’ve been using this past year with updated graphics, logos and your LAST NAME printed on the back of each suit.

As a thank you, we’re offering this at special pricing and including a custom World Championship tee for men and singlet for women, free with every order.

Place your orders today, order cutoff is July 4th, 2021 to allow enough time to create these special suits.

Congratulations and we’ll see you in St. George!

*Racing in your Team Zoot kit is required in all races. Racing in this special edition kit is not required during this championship race. If you choose not to order a special edition suit and would still like your free T-shirt (men) or singlet (women) for team members racing. Please order this free item at this time.



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(Base Price: US$ 150.00)

Completely redesigned for 2020, the Custom Tri Aero Full Zip Sleeved Racesuit promises to deliver on...

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